Stretches to Relieve Knee Tension After Exercise

Exercising can result in exerting more effort than usual because we’re working on muscle groups for minutes (and even hours on end). This can cause our body to be in a constant state of pressure from the possible weights that we’re lifting not to mention the stress we can put on our knees. About 13% of men and women have knee osteoarthritis even without exercise and this can limit our everyday actions in life. Steven Stuchin an MD Professor says that “Exercise is good therapy for knee pain, but it needs to be the right kind of exercise.” So after your regular exercise, try out these knee stretches to reduce tension in your joints.

Use a Stability Ball

A stability ball is a great idea for stretching your knees since it can release the pressure from your hips and elongate your legs. This can help alleviate knee pressure and even make you more flexible. You’ll certainly be relieved after.

Knee-Friendly Equipment

Make sure to use knee-friendly equipment after your exercise to work on your knees without stressing it out too much. It’s important to take care of your legs and knees. Recumbent stationary bikes or even elliptical machines can be a good way to stretch your knees with a mild workout after an exercise.