Study Shows Most Women Avoid Going to the Gym for Fear of Being Judged

Photo by Martine Jacobsen on Unsplash

Going to the gym, especially when you’re new at it, can cause some anxiety and discomfort. If you’ve experienced this, perhaps you’ll be relieved knowing that many women share these emotions. Fear is a natural response to unknown situations and going to the gym usually means stretching out your comfort zone in more than one way.

According to a survey conducted by Fitrated, as many as 65% of women avoid going to the gym because they fear being judged. For men, the number is way lower — around 36%.

Women feel self-conscious about many other things too, such as not looking fit enough and not having the right exercise gear.

What can you do if you feel this way? It’s a good idea to go to the gym with an exercise plan so that you don’t have to think about your next step once you get there. If it will make things easier, practice at home. You can get familiar with the equipment online but don’t be embarrassed to ask a trainer if you don’t know how something is used. Knowing that many women in your gym feel similar might help you get out of your head and do the thing you’re there for.