The 4 Best Full-Body Push-Up Variants

Push-ups are one of the most iconic and recognizable full-body exercises that have been performed by health and strength enthusiasts for centuries. And there is a reason why this simple move has been popular for so long – it can be done anywhere, since it requires no additional equipment or weights and it’s really effective because it engages a large number of muscles in our body.

In the last few decades, trainers and fitness gurus have developed many different push-up versions that you can combine to exercise almost every muscle group in the body. 

We have gathered four of the best push-up versions that are maximally effective and fun!

Classic Push-Up

Traditional push-ups are great for building upper body strength, as they target the triceps, pecs, and shoulders. Do them with proper form to develop your lower back and core as well. 

One-Arm Push-Up

This is a really challenging and intense exercise meant to put more weight on one arm, thereby developing it more effectively.

Clap Push-Up

The clap push-up is performed just like the classic pushup but with a twist: when you are at the top of your push-up, clap your hands in the air, then return them safely to the ground.

Diamond Push-Up

This one is great for exhausting the triceps because you’re supposed to create a diamond shape with your arms.