The Advantages That Thai Yoga Massages Provide

Thai yoga massage is a method that combines massage with deep stretching and yoga. It’s a more active type of massage where the client is put through a series of modified yoga poses. At the same time, the practitioner performs a full-body massage.

Since it allows a deeper stretch, Thai yoga can be beneficial for people who enjoy sports with a repetitive range of motion, such as biking or running. Massages are adapted to clients’ needs, activities, training, and the tensions that the client feels.

The starting point is usually from the top, so practitioners start with shoulders. It gives a good gauge to the amount of pressure that should be applied, and what should be messaged.

Clients lie on a hard protected surface for the duration of the treatment. In addition to using their hands, practitioners also work with different body parts, including their feet, knees, or sometimes even their heads. That helps them get additional angles, beyond using just their hands.

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This unique massage has many benefits for athletes who have plateaued or feel burnt out, as it helps the body and mind recover and relaxes. Feeling stronger and better after Thai yoga massage will enable you to push through to new levels.