The Amazing Benefits Of Capoeira

Photo by svklimkin on Unsplash

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines martial arts with acrobatics, music, and dance and it’s extremely challenging yet rewarding. If you’re tired of your usual workout routine, here are a few good reasons to try capoeira.


When practicing capoeira you’re in constant motion, performing handstands, rolls, poses, and much more advanced moves. All this requires lots of strength and agility, so you’ll improve your upper body and core strength very soon.


Apart from the upper body and core strength, capoeira requires a wide range of flexibility and mobility too. If you aren’t that flexible, practicing capoeira and stretching on a daily basis will help you improve flexibility in no time.


In case you’re looking for an interesting cardio activity to improve your health and burn calories, this martial art may be the perfect choice. Practicing capoeira for an hour will help you burn more than 700 calories, which means it’s more effective than most other workouts.

Social skills

Last but not least, all martial arts are great for improving social skills because they offer the opportunity of meeting lots of interesting people. Martial arts are not about fighting but about respecting each other and that’s why people often make lifelong friendships through capoeira practice.