The Benefits of Getting Rid of Your Scale

Photo by i yunmai on Unsplash

Weight is quite the sensitive topic. Many of us are raised to associate our scale weight with our worth. Generally speaking, we’re taught to believe that the lower our weight, the better we are. Naturally, this is a pretty bunk idea for many reasons. In fact, we’d like to suggest that knowing your scale weight isn’t even necessary, and you can get rid of your scale entirely and only benefit from it. Why?

Don’t Jump to Conclusions

Well, first of all, scale weight is a pretty bad way to determine anything about your health. Your weight is impacted by so many factors from your body composition to your menstrual cycle (if you have one) to your nutritional intake to how much water you drank that day to when your last bowel movement was. Because there are so many contributing factors, it’s impossible to make a direct correlation between weight and health, or to even trust the scale as a reliable measurement.

There are much better measures you can use to track your health, from your body fat percentage, to your energy levels, to your blood work, to how good you feel in your own body. So who needs the scale?

Knowing Your Value

If your scale has the potential to make you feel guilty or bad about yourself, we say that you should get rid of it. There will always be better ways to track your fitness progress and your health, and you’ll finally be freed from the shackles of caring about the measurement of how much downward force your mass has. It’ll take a huge weight off your shoulders—pun intended.