The Best At-Home Workouts On YouTube

Image via Women's Health UK/YouTube

If you don’t enjoy leaving the house in the winter, but still want to get your workout in, don’t despair! There are so many amazing at-home workouts for you to try on YouTube, you won’t have to miss the gym during the colder seasons!

From the best warm-up videos to HIIT workouts, strength training, yoga flows and cardio home workouts, YouTube has you covered. Here are the top ones for you to try!

Pre-HIIT Warm-up

Before you start any workout, you want to warm up. The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, has the best warm up for a pre-HIIT workout.

Abs and Arms

If you want to focus on certain parts of your body, then check out Kayla Itsines. She has a variety of videos targeting all your body parts, like this video is specific to your abs and arms.

Lower Body Workout

Getting the legs and glutes in to shape is no easy feat, but with Tone It Up’s YouTube channel, you can try out an array of lower body exercise videos. All you need are some dumbbells or a kettlebell, and follow their lead!

Full Body Workout

If you don’t have time to waste and you want to get the most from your at home workout’s, then try these full body workouts. They target every muscle and you’ll definitely feel the burn the next day.


If you haven’t heard of Yoga with Adriene, then you’re missing out. She has so many yoga videos for you to choose from, even if you are a beginner! She also shares meditations and general stretching videos.