The Best Pool Exercises You Should Try

Getting out of the comfort of your home to work out is already hard, but if you want to make things more challenging you have to try these pool exercises. When working out in the water, even the simplest exercises become hard, so you will definitely be putting your muscles through a test.

Jumping Jacks

The whole point of jumping jacks is the movement of the legs. When you’re in the pool you should still do the jumping, but avoid touching the bottom with your feet. This is not an easy exercise and will help you burn a lot of calories.


Straighten your core even more with a pool plank. For this exercise, you will need a water log. Hold it with both of your hands, press it and lift your body up floating on the water. Stay in that position for at least one minute. You will see how hard it is to stay in that pose for a longer time.

Frog Jump

Place your feet in a plie pose, with the heels touching. You will need to start jumping like a frog up. Go as high as you can, then get back to the initial pose with the heels touching.