The Best Ways to Cut Down Your Salt Intake

Most people are consuming more salt than they should and it’s not the healthiest habit. Consuming too much sodium can have a bad impact on your blood pressure, but you can limit your intake in more ways than one.

Buy Fresh Foods

Avoid buying pre-packaged and canned products because they usually contain a much higher level of sodium than fresh foods you prepare at home.

Read Labels

Pre-packaged foods are sometimes impossible to avoid, but if you have to buy them try to take some time to check out the food labels and to see how high the sodium content is.

Better Alternatives

Get creative in the kitchen and try to discover some healthier alternatives to salt. Give different herbs and species a shot because your meal doesn’t necessarily have to be salty to be tasty.

Comparing Brands

Take some time to compare different types and brands of salt to find the one that suits you. Carefully read the labels to discover how high they are in sodium content.