The Best Workouts for Improving Balance

Photo by Alex Shaw on Unsplash

Improving your balance is essential for improving your daily life activities and movements. Although it seems simple, exercises for improved balance can be really challenging. Here are some of the best workouts that really improve your balance.

Each of these options is really different in how they work on your balance, but they all have one thing in common: they will help your body prepare to stabilize and balance throughout the daily motions of your life.


Because boxing is a very quick, reactive sport, it helps improve balance a lot. Learning how to move your feet quickly and dodge obstacles helps your body do this in real life as well! It also strengthens your core and overall body muscles, so that you can handle any challenges throughout your day.


Pilates is another way that you can improve your balance. It’s no surprise, in fact, that pilates was created to help achieve strength, mobility, and flexibility for boxers! Pilates workouts often target the deep core, which helps you stabilize yourself if you lose balance or trip on something. 


Yoga is probably the first type of exercise you think of when you think of balance. With poses like handstands and tree poses, yoga is constantly improving balance. Even in poses that seem less “balance-focused”, your body is learning how to quickly and smoothly adjust to different positions.