The Importance of Diet Accountability

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Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

When people go on a diet, they don’t always succeed. It’s an unfortunate truth, but one of the reasons is that dieting can be so darn hard at times. People wonder why they struggle so often, and there can be many different answers to that question. However, there’s one thing that some people overlook that may be the solution they’re looking for. The answer, friends, is a little something called accountability, and here’s why.

External Accountability

Now, we don’t mean self-accountability, the kind that preaches that we should all be ensuring that we’re being accountable for ourselves. That’s all good and all, but this isn’t where the real work is at. If people were able to be accountable for themselves, they wouldn’t have to diet in the first place. No, what we’re talking about is external accountability.

External accountability is having a buddy, or a nutritionist, or a doctor keeping tabs on you and making sure that you’re holding up your end of the diet. Not unlike a workout buddy, this person is there to support you and pick you up when you’re struggling.

There’s no denying that having someone like this is helpful, but some people would rather not have someone to answer to. If that sounds like you, consider giving it a try, because you may just find that the additional support will make all the difference in your growth.