The Importance of Having Fun While Working Out

Zumba class
Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

What’s the key to maintaining a solid workout routine? What’s the magical elixir to losing weight, building muscles, or achieving whatever it is that you do? There are many things that are important in that regard, but there’s one that reigns supreme. It’s the very thing that’ll make the difference between a failed fitness program and a successful one.

Fun Breeds Consistency

Consistency is the number one most important thing when it comes to building a solid workout regime. It doesn’t matter how amazing the actual technique is. It doesn’t even matter how long it is. If you don’t love the actual workout itself, you’re not going to continue doing it consistently. You’ll burn out. You’ll get bored. You’ll move on to other hobbies, leaving your workout plans waiting in the rubble.

This is such a major shame because if you actually loved the workout itself and found it to be a fun activity, you would stick with it through thick and thin. Even if your exercise routine is only a light yoga stretch that lasts 15 minutes, that’s a lot better than doing 50 push-ups one time and then never going back to it.

For this reason, you’d better make sure that you’re loving every step of the process, and that you’re reminding yourself why you’re doing it. The “fun factor” will help you stay consistent, and that’s the best thing you can hope for.