The Importance of the Bench Press

With sports science being on the rise, we are learning more about how we can develop our bodies and improve overall health. But sometimes, it’s important to go back to the basics and keep in mind that there’s a reason some of the most popular exercises have been along for so long.

One fine example of those is the bench press. It’s one of the first you encounter when you begin weightlifting and the first one that should be mastered. The bench press is performed by laying on a bench and lifting a barbell with both hands, starting with the barbell almost on one’s chest, then pressing it upwards until your arms are fully extended. 


This exercise offers great diversity and has a few great variations like the inclined, the declined, and the flat bench press. It’s also one of the most engaging moves out there since it mobilizes a great number of muscle groups. Primarily it exercises the pectorals (the chest), but it also affects the latissimus dorsi (back), the triceps, and the anterior deltoids, which makes it a fundamental exercise for developing a strong upper body.