These are the Gym Machines You Should Be Using

While gym machines often get a bad wrap from trainers who prefer bodyweight exercises or free weights, for many, they’re less intimidating than free weights. When it comes to gym machines, not all should be written off. These ones should be part of your fitness routine.

Lat Pull-Down

All gyms have a lat pull-down machine and they’ll help you get a stronger back, which prevents injury and helps you stand taller. This machine simulates the pull-up—one of the best upper-body strength exercises you can do.

Seated Row Machine

This machine also works the lats, but focuses on the mid-back since you’re pulling the weight towards you horizontally. You’ll also be getting a shoulder, bicep, and rhomboid workout.

Chest Press

This arm machine works several muscles at once, without putting too much strain on your wrists and shoulders. It’s a great alternative to a bench press and push-up.

Seated Leg Press

For a leg workout, try the seated leg machine that works your glutes, hamstrings, and quads without putting too much strain on your lower back and knees.

Cable Machine

The cable machine has several weight stacks, adjustable cables, and tons of attachments, allowing you to do tons of exercises that target many muscles. You can do curls, kickbacks, and rows—all in one machine!