These Lower Ab Exercises Will Help You Get That Six Pack

Lower ab exercises can definitely be much harder than the ones for upper abs, but that doesn’t mean that you have to quit your efforts o build a six-pack. These four workouts will help you achieve the perfectly flat tummy for summer 2019.

Bicycle Crunch

Have your back flat, with one leg straight and the other one bent in the knee. While you’re doing this your torso should be facing towards the side of the bent leg.

Slider Plank to Pike

You can do the slider plank to pike at home. Get two sliders, or literally clothes, towels, whatever you have. Start from a plank position and move the feet to a pike.

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Dead Bug

Lie down and have your legs in a tabletop position and arms towards the ceiling. Start moving your extending the right arm together with the left leg. Do the same with the opposite extremities.

Mountain Climbers

Mountains climbers are a great way to activate the lower abs. Start in a high plank position, and move the right leg first, placing the knee in between the legs. Do the same thing with the left one right after. Try doing a few sessions of ten to start with.