These Three Stretches are a Must After Your Next Training Session

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

Whether you’re training for a race or competition or trying to improve your fitness level, post-training stretches serve many functions that are essential toward muscle recovery, preventing injury, and improving your athletic performance. That’s why we’ve compiled a short list of some of the world’s greatest stretches to do after your next training session!

World’s Greatest Stretch

There’s a reason why this stretch has it’s name. It is truly great worldwide and here’s why: This stretch has the power to increase your range of mobility, reduce tension and tightness in the body, and strengthen the muscles you just engaged! This is essential when training and increasing the long-lasting effects of your training session.

Knee Hug

Everyone needs a good hug sometimes and the knees should be no exception. That’s why we have included them in this list. Weight lifting and running have the great potential to cause lower back pain, and poor muscle recovery can lead to back problems in the future. This stretch eases tension in the lower back by stretching out all your back muscles.

Standing Quad Stretch

This stretch is imperative after a leg workout, running, or biking, as it reduces tightness in the quad muscles. Lack of a proper quad stretch can lead to misalignment in the hips and back which can cause more pain or injury. Incorporate this stretch and hold it on both sides for at least thirty seconds!