Things You Should Know if You are Training While Pregnant

You don’t have to ditch your habits just because you are pregnant, at least not the good ones. Training is always a good idea and cardio or running will not harm you, but here are a couple of things to keep in mind about training while pregnant.

Gaining Weight

You are eating for two now, so you shouldn’t panic about gaining weight, because it’s completely normal. The goal is not to lose weight, it’s to maintain your current fitness level. Keep up to your pre-pregnancy routine if possible and if you want to add something new, first consult with your doctor and trainer about yours and your baby’s health.

Working Out Gets Harder

All mommies know that you feel tired all the time during the first four months of pregnancy, so don’t be surprised if you just don’t have as much strength and stamina as you used to.

No Laying Down

Not only does it put a lot of pressure on your back, but laying down also gets you in the position where your enlarged uterus and fetus can easily compress your vena cava, which delivers blood to the heart and it can result in dizziness and fainting.