This Fitness Instructor Posted a “Bad” Photo of Herself for a Reason

In a world obsessed with perfect fitness models, Chinae Alexander did something controversial. She recently published a photo of herself on her Instagram page that shows her from a non-flattering angle.

Along with the photo, she wrote, “I didn’t post this photo before because of the way my stomach looked. And now I am posting this photo….because I didn’t post this photo because of the way my stomach looked. (Get all that?) 99% of the time I am damn proud of my body. But I want you to know that even people who are confident have to deal with flashes of negativity about ourselves. Changing your body image isn’t like turning a light switch off. It’s a daily act of forgiving your own imperfection and. CHOOSING to see your worthiness. So yeah. We all suck at this. But with grace, each other, and some sanity nachos…we suck less over time.”

Alexander is a big mental health and well-being promoter who believes in being honest about your life rather than showing everything as perfect even when it’s not. She’s an amazing role model for young girls everywhere.

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