This is the One Muscle You Should Really Be Working for Your Core

Standing abs
Photo by Antoni Shkraba from Pexels

If toned abs are what you’re after, we have one question—are you working the most important muscles in your core? Most ab workouts focus on the rectus abdominis that run vertically on the front of your abdomen or your obliques that run along the sides. What you really should be focusing on is your transverse abdominis. 

These muscles are located behind your obliques and are the deepest of those in your abdominal region. Sometimes referred to as the corset muscle, the transverse helps to stabilize the spine and strengthen your core. There are several exercises to work the transverse, but this one, in particular, is super easy.

Step #1

Stand straight up, with your arms extended above your head. You can stand with your back to a wall if this is easier. 

Step #2

Attempt to elongate your back by using arms to pull your torso upwards. While doing so, you may tighten your buttocks. 

Step #3

Remain in this position until you feel a pulling sensation in your abdomen. Hold for as long as you can. That is one rep repeat 10 times.