Tips For Getting Over Common Fears of Riding a Bike

During the pandemic, bike riding has become increasingly popular. If you’ve ridden a bike before, you know that there’s a lot to be worried about—everything from heavy traffic to potholes. But cycling isn’t meant to be scary and with these tips, you can improve your confidence and gain practice while overcoming your fears.

Fear: Riding in Traffic

Before you even think about riding in heavy traffic, start to get comfortable on the road in light traffic. Start with streets that are lighter in traffic and where there are bike lanes. After you feel confident, move on to busier streets.

Fear: Riding on Wet Roads

Many cyclists won’t ride in the rain, but if you live in an area where rain is common, this can limit how much you can ride outdoors. To build up your confidence, go for short rides in the rain and stick to slower speeds on flat roads. Remember to break well before you need to stop and to use wider tires at a lower tire pressure to increase contact with the pavement.

Fear: Riding in a Group

While group rides can be fun, you’re first few times can be overwhelming. Start by riding with one or two other cyclist and once you feel confident, increase the group by a few people. Get used to drafting, hand signals, and avoiding hazards.

Fear: Getting Back on the Bike After a Crash

After crashing your bike, getting back on is hard. Take as much time as you need off the bike and when you’re ready, take a slow ride on streets you feel comfortable with. Go during less busy times and take some close friends along with you.