Tips For Learning How To Do Handstands

Photo by Francois Olwage on Unsplash

Have you ever wanted to learn to do handstands? Balancing upside down is a challenge, but it also comes with many benefits, not to mention that it’s fun! Any inverted poses require practice and persistence, but the journey is how we learn. We’ve got a few tips that’ll have you standing on your hands before you know it!

Start with Headstands

It’s important to recognize when your core muscles are properly engaged, and it can be a bit easier to feel this a bit closer to the ground. Begin on your yoga mat on your hands and knees, lower down to your elbows and bring your hands together so that your fingers are interlaced. Lower your head to the mat between your hands and lift your hips up. Walk your feet forward so that your hips are in a downward-facing dog position, then slowly lift your legs up one at a time. Feel the strength of your core to maintain your balance. Lower your legs one at a time to come out.

Practice on Soft Ground

If you have access to a grassy lawn or sandy beach, this is one of the best places to start learning how to handstand. Knowing that you have a soft place to land makes it much easier to play around and practice going upside down. Once you know how to use your core, you can try the real thing without having to worry about what’ll happen should you fall.