Tips For Making Healthy Smoothies

Smoothies are super refreshing on a hot summer’s day or after a workout. When they’re made well, they’re a great source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. But, smoothies get a bad wrap for being calorie intensive and high in sugar. By following these tips, you can create a smoothie you feel good about sipping on.

Add Healthy Fats

Fat helps you feel full longer and it helps your body with hormone production and absorbing fat-soluble vitamins. Don’t forget to add nut butter, avocado, chia seeds, or flax seeds.

Avoid Juices

When you get smoothies at smoothie shops, they often are loaded with juices, which adds unnecessary sugar to your smoothie. Instead, use plant-based milks or waters for your base.

Add Quality Protein

Proteins take longer to digest which makes you feel full longer, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and it’s important for muscle recovery. Add Greek yogurt, simple protein powders, cottage cheese, or silken tofu to your smoothie.

Don’t Overdo the Fruit

Fruits are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but they also have a lot of sugar. Stick to no more than one cup of fruit in your smoothie.

Add Greens

Leafy greens provide nutrients and they’re a great way to get your veggie serving in for the day. Add a handful of spinach or kale to your drink—you won’t even notice it’s there!