Tips For Running With Your Pet

Photo by Sherise VD on Unsplash

Training your dog to run beside you can be challenging at the beginning, but it’s totally worth it. Having a loyal running buddy is priceless, so read on to find some useful hacks for running with your furry friend.

Get Your Dog in Shape

First, your dog needs to learn a few basic commands and to politely walk beside you before you start running. Only then can you gradually increase your speed and start building your pet’s strength and endurance. Make sure to give your dog at least several weeks to train and adjust to running before taking him or her out for longer runs.

Pay Attention to Your Dog’s Needs

Just like humans, dogs have their needs and limitations and we need to respect that. If you notice any signs that he’s tired or dehydrated during a run such as drooling, trouble breathing, or stumbling, take a break immediately. Also, avoid running with your furry friend in extreme heat or humidity.


Keep in mind that hydration is key when running with your pet, especially during hot summer days, so make sure to always bring a bottle of water with you.