Tips On How to Hydrate For a Workout

If water is the last thing on your mind when exercising, you need to change that. The way you hydrate for a workout is as important as the food and the activity itself. Your body has to be at its best if you want to push boundaries. Most people don’t even know how much water they should drink when working out, before, or after, and we’re here to change that.

Your body has to be properly hydrated one hour before you head to the gym or any other type of activity. That is why you should check out the color of your urine. If it’s light yellow, you should be fine. In that case, drink 8 oz half an hour before you start. This will reach even to the parts of the body that are not well hydrated.

Once you’ve started, don’t forget about water! How much you’ll drink depends on the workout and the conditions. If you are losing water through sweat, make sure to have at least 5 oz every 20 minutes. That will keep you fresh and hydrated.

When you’re done, the best idea is to figure out how much weight you’ve lost from before the workout. Measure it before and after, and drink 16 oz for every lost pound.