Tips to Free Yourself From Muscle Cramps While Swimming

Swimming is considered as one of the healthiest sports in the world. But what can you do when you get muscle cramps? They usually occur when you suddenly stretch your foot. This problem often occurs during swimming, unlike other sports, because the feet are almost stretched.

There are three main reasons why muscle spasms occur. You might have low electrolyte levels, you pushed yourself too hard, or you just have some medical problem that you don’t know about.

How can you avoid muscle cramps, you might wonder? Well, avoiding muscle spasm while swimming is a big challenge because as soon as you feel a muscle spasm you need to immediately stop doing the movements you were doing, which is impossible in water. Instead, maintain on the surface of the water, stretch and massage the muscle in your spasm or get out of the water as fast as you can. If your spasm does not go away in five minutes, continue to massage the spot. It’s important that you donโ€™t start swimming again until your spasm is completely gone.