Top Trainers With Youtube Channels to Check Out

If you’ve been looking to switch up your workout routine, a great place to start is by following a new trainer. Luckily there’s a wealth of YouTube channels to choose from when it comes to fitness, but how do you know where to start? Here are three recommendations for top trainers with YouTube channels.

Jeff Nippard

Nippard is a professional, internationally-ranked bodybuilder and lifter with a degree in biochemistry. He combines his passions for science and fitness to produce videos that offer scientifically-backed workouts, fitness goal advice, nutritional advice, and more. He also tracks his own 15-year-long fitness journey!

Stephanie Buttermore

Buttermore is known in the fitness community for challenging the restrictiveness of diet and workout culture. She tracked her journey with the “all in” diet which she began in response to physiological issues and extreme hunger she’d been experiencing as a result of that restrictive lifestyle. She now produces exercise videos that promote a healthy nonrestrictive lifestyle.

Pamela Reif

Reif is a great option for those with limited time and limited access to equipment. Her videos skip the talk and get right down to business, with short and efficient workouts for different fitness levels that will help you make big gains.