Training Outfits for Cold Winter Weather

All outdoor workout lovers know that what you wear is very important when the temperature starts getting lower. We all feel the winter chills, so it’s time to warm up and pick the perfect winter outfit.

Despite the cold, you are still sweating during your outdoor workouts, so bundling to the max is a mistake. You need to dress in a way that will allow you to warm up and to remove some clothing pieces as needed.

Base Layer

The most important thing is to sweat, but not to work out in clothes that are drenched in sweat. That’s why the base layer should contain polypropylene, more commonly known as “moisture-wicking” fabric. Include it on the top and the bottom clothes.

Mid Layer

Isolation and ventilation are of great importance, so your mid-layer should have ample ventilated openings that can help regulate body temperature. 

Outer Layer

The outer layer should give you protection and be able to repel wind and water while being good for movement. A nylon jacket is perfect for all of this.


It’s very important to protect your head, eyes, ears, hands, and feet while training outdoors, so use accessories that will cover them up before leaving your house.