Try These Battle Rope Movements For An Intense Workout

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Doing the same workout routine daily can be tiring. You can make it interesting by using battle ropes. It works on the core and is a perfect cardio exercise. It also keeps your spine in line.

It is also fun and simple. You can lose up to 500 every thirty minutes, and it increases your metabolism for thirty-six hours. It can be used to strengthen shoulders and biceps, tighten the core, and for cardio.

Some popular movements include:

Double wave

Stand in half squat position and straighten your spine. Give your feet a gap with your toes pointing forward. Hold one rope in each hand and take them up and down to create a wavelike pattern.

Alternating Wave

This position is similar to the one above except it involves switching up your hands instead of moving them together. This position works on the core, shoulders and arms.

Chop and Lift

This exercise starts in the half-squat position with each hand holding one rope. Push the ropes above your head and slam them to the ground on the right and release. Do the same thing for the left side. Your toes should follow the direction of the ropes.

Double Dutch

Take a rope in each hand and use it to make circles. In this case, the right arm should go counterclockwise while the left goes clockwise. Always change the direction of your arms after each set.