Try These Low-risk Summer Activities During the Pandemic

Photo by Daniel Reche from Pexels

While we’re currently unable to do many things that we took for granted last summer, the COVID-19 pandemic still hasn’t canceled all activities. Being active and spending time outside is good for your health and immune system and here are a few low-risk activities you can practice without worrying.

Walking and Running

As long as you avoid crowds, walking and running outside are safe and desirable. Make sure to do it alone or with someone with whom you live so you don’t get into risky contacts. Wearing a mask while walking and running can be difficult, which is why choosing areas with no people is crucial.


The similar is true for cycling. Take your bike and go explore remote areas, but if you’re using a bike for transport and go among people, make sure you wear a mask.


While swimming pools are considered a medium risk, it’s best to stay out of them for now. But you can enjoy a day at the beach and swimming in saltwater. Again, this is only safe if the beach isn’t crowded. If you have plenty of space for yourself and don’t get in contact with other people on the beach, you shouldn’t worry.