We’re In Love With Kayla Itsines’ New Low-Impact Program

If you’re often struggling with leg and knee pain, low-impact workouts are just the thing you need, but they’re sometimes hard to find. That’s why we got super excited after one of the world’s leading fitness influencers Kayla Itsines announced her brand-new low-impact program.

Itsines is best known for her viral BBG program, but she realized that the high intensity level of this routine doesn’t make it accessible to everyone. That’s why she came up with an easy-to-follow program for women of different fitness levels that involves no jumping whatsoever.

“I know that my workouts will now be more accessible to more women who want effective, easy-to-follow workouts that can be done in less than 30 minutes. They can now be done at a lower intensity with no jumping and are easier on your joints,” explained Itsines on Instagram.

Over the course of eight weeks, the famous fitness influencer will share three workouts a week that can be done in 30 minutes or less. By this point, she already dropped several workouts from this program, including a low-impact workout with her mom. They’re all available through her fitness app Sweat, which offers 7-day free trials to all newcomers.