We’re Loving “Lazy Girl” Low-Impact Workouts by Vicky Justiz

Vicky Justiz is one of YouTube’s most popular fitness influencers and she manages to rock our world with each of her workout clips. She took things to a whole new level with a “Lazy Girl” series of low-impact workouts.

Many of the home workout videos that are going viral these days include a lot of jumping, but this regiment doesn’t suit everyone. If you want to avoid putting too much stress on your feet or simply don’t want to disturb your neighbors, low-impact workouts are the perfect fit.  

The only thing you need to perform these exercises is a yoga mat and a little bit of time. It takes ten minutes or less to go through all of the exercises and Justiz recommends doing them on the days when you don’t feel like doing anything and just want to stay in bed, especially since most of the moves can be done lying down.

Some of the moves included in her “Lazy Girl” videos are leg raises, planks, fire hydrants, lunges, and squats. Many of the exercises target several muscle groups at the same time, and you’ll get an amazing full-body workout by the time you go through all of them.