What are the Best Materials For Running in Hot Weather?

For those of you who rely on running as your chief means of daily exercise, the need to go on a quick jog doesn’t just evaporate with the hot weather. But running can be uncomfortable and dangerous in the summer months if we aren’t prepared for it. Here’s a list of the five best sportswear materials to keep you safe and help you thrive in high temperatures.


This plastic material will keep you completely dry as it’s designed to always force moisture out of its fibers. Sweat and water-resistant, this is a great choice for running in hot weather.


This old classic is a great choice for summer sportswear. It’s light, stretchy, and dries very quickly so you won’t be running in a soaking wet shirt this summer.


Polyester is a very common sportswear material that performs well in good weather. Not only is it lightweight and breathable, but it’s non-absorbent. This means that sweat evaporates instead of soaking into your clothes.


Spandex is a good choice in hot weather because, in addition to being breathable and quick-drying, it’s eminently stretchable to accommodate your frame to reduce warm pockets of air.