What is Rucking and Why is it Worth Trying?

Photo by Presley Roozenburg on Unsplash

Have you ever heard the term rucking? Simply put, it means walking with a weighted backpack. It may not sound too difficult, but in fact, it is an endurance-boosting, strength-building workout that can be challenging even for the fittest. All you require for trying it is a backpack (there are ones specifically designed for rucking), weights, and a planned route. Here are the top reasons to give rucking a try.

It’s an Excellent Form of Cardio

A study done on eight physically healthy male soldiers revealed that carrying a load of various gradients had an excellent effect on heart rate, oxygen uptake, and respiratory frequency.

It Builds Character

Considering that this form of exercise originated in the military, it makes sense rucking is a good test of character. The heavier the load the higher the intensity, and the more you will push your capabilities and will to the next level.

Time Spent Outdoors

Rucking is done in an outdoor setting, through hills and winding paths. The time spent in nature only adds to the mental health benefits of the workout.

Cross Training

In addition to being a great way to maintain cardio, rucking can also improve bone density, and postural muscles across the core, back, glutes, and shoulders, and it’s much easier on the joints than running.