What is the “Treadmill Strut” Workout & Is It Worth the Hype?

Image via .shock/Depositphotos

TikTok introduced us to some downright questionable fitness trends over the years, so we take each new one with a grain of salt. “Treadmill strut” is the latest workout craze taking this social media platform by storm, but what is it all about, and is it worth the hype?

We owe this viral craze to Alice Bennet, who goes by @benntheredonethat, and describes herself as a “CEO of treadmill strut”. Treadmill workout choreographed to Taylor Swift’s songs led to her overnight success, but this was just one of many “treadmill strut” videos she has in store.

From Lizzo and Doja Cat to Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa, she has workout videos inspired by all your faves, and they have a few things in common. In addition to being choreographed to an epic playlist, they’re usually 30 minutes long, and each song is carefully curated to ensure that the pace increases as you go along.

@benntheredonethat @allie bennett 36 minutes of pure bangers – this might be the best workout i’ve ever created🕺🏻let me know if you try it out!! #treadmillstrut #taylorswift #workout #hotgirlwalk #12330 ♬ taylor swift treadmill strut workout – allie bennett

Unlike many of the previous TikTok fitness trends, this one is actually well-received by the experts. Celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza told Everyday Health that the “treadmill strut” can be beneficial because it “follows the principles of warming up, walking to a slower-paced song, and then increasing the pace gradually.” High-performance coach Angie Fifer Winter echoed her statement while chatting with Well+Good, saying that these workouts can help you build confidence because “music is a big game changer”.

@benntheredonethat Reply to @jerhollabackgirl woke up and IMMEDIATELY went to the gym to make this one🕺🏻it’s a crisp 31 minutes of the most struttable songs on the album 😉 #treadmillstrut #harrystyles #harryshouse #workout @benntheredonethat ♬ harrys house treadmill strut workout – allie bennett
@benntheredonethat @allie bennett this one made me feel like SUCH a badass AND it’s a flat 30 minutes, so if you’re getting bored with your 12-3-30… look no further 😉 #treadmillstrut #arianagrande #12330 #workout ♬ ariana grande treadmill strut workout – allie bennett
@benntheredonethat Reply to @jewlpodcow this is probably my favorite one that i’ve made so far – 34 minutes of pure BANGERS for my besties who want a lil bit of a challenge 😉 #treadmillstrut #rihanna @benntheredonethat ♬ This Is What You Came For – Calvin Harris & Rihanna