What’s Wild Swimming and Why Should You Do It?

Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

Wild swimming is basically going swimming in a natural body of water, whether it be a river, lake, ocean, or anything of that variety. As you might expect, now that it has a name, this “trend” has been growing more popular by the day—and for good reason. Here are 5 reasons you should get involved in wild swimming.

Great Exercise

Swimming is one of the greatest forms of exercise you can do. Whether you’re young or old, an experienced swimmer or a newbie, wild swimming will effectively build your muscles, improve fitness, and strengthen your immune system.

Connect With Nature

Swimming in ponds, lakes, rivers, and the sea really gives you a sense of oneness with nature. It’ll give you a nice reminder that you’re part of the natural world, and that you share it with animals, plants, and the landscape as a whole.

Improves Mental Health

This feeling of oneness with nature, mixed with the endorphins of swimming, can have a wonderful effect on your mental health. It’s a great place to relax and to feel your stress dissipate into the surrounding atmosphere.

Resets Your Body And Mind

Many wild water swimmers report feeling that their bodies and minds have been reset, as though they have been reborn. This can help you achieve a fresh start and reignite your passion for life.

Good Social Life

Wild swimming is often a very social activity. It is invaluable if you want to meet new people, especially those who hang out in more relaxing environments.