What Men Should Know About Muscle Building

Photo by Alexander Redl on Unsplash

Not everyone is blessed with the genes of John Cena. Many have little muscles mass and high body fat percentage. This means that you may have to work twice as hard to get the bulky muscles you want. Here are some things you should know:

Train Frequently

To train a muscle group, you need more than one day of workout in the week. You have to do more. Doing more sends signals to the body that changes need to be made. In a week, train for at least three days and do more squats pulls and presses more than once a week.

Do Body Weight Exercises

Barbell exercises are ideal for getting stronger and bigger, but you should also focus on push ups, chin ups, dips and inverted rows. When you do these on a regular basis, you will bulk up faster.

Train Explosively

Men who aren’t muscular do not have an overabundance of muscle fibers which help promote potential growth. You need to promote the growth of these muscle fibres or make the slow fibers fast.

Doing this means you need to add some Olympic lifting variations to your program. Snatch grip high pulls also come in handy for building the upper body.

Heavy lift

You should build your strength by lifting heavier weight. Start small and increase the weight or the number of reps.