What’s the Big Deal with Probiotics and Prebiotics?

There has been much talk about the wonderful effects probiotics can have on the gut. Recent studies have suggested that up to 80% of people in the Western world suffer from digestive issues at some time in their lives. Probiotics are supposed to alleviate these symptoms. So, what’s the big deal with probiotics?

Unhealthy Bacteria

Recent studies have shown that many digestive problems are linked to the excessive presence of bad bacteria in the gut. This can cause pain, cramping, bloating, and inadequate digestion of nutrients.

Healthy Bacteria

Probiotics are good bacteria that can help counteract the effects of bad bacteria if they are introduced into the gut.

Good Gut Flora

Increasing the good bacteria in the gut will improve your gut’s flora. This will make it a healthy and optimal environment for digesting food and distributing nutrients around the body.

Health Benefits

A healthy gut will improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, aid nutrient absorption, help the muscles relax, and enhance athletic performance.


But unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as introducing probiotics into the gut. Sometimes the bad bacteria remain or kill off the good bacteria. This is why we also need prebiotics. These are the nutrients that the good bacteria need to thrive. Introducing both prebiotics and probiotics into the gut can improve your whole health.