When Should You Drink Your Protein Shake?

Protein is essential for repairing and rebuilding your muscles after a hard workout. Since this process requires a lot of protein, many people use protein shakes to supplement it. But when should you drink your protein shake? Is it better to drink it before or after your workout?

Although people often drink their protein shakes after their workouts, it actually doesn’t really make a difference. What matters for repairing and rebuilding muscle is your total daily intake of protein.

This means that it is still beneficial to take protein shakes and supplements if you are trying to build muscle. But it doesn’t have to be immediately after a workout or before. You could have your protein shake in the morning, with your lunch, or before you go to bed.

Although it doesn’t really matter whether you take your protein before or after your workout, practically it is usually better to have it afterward. This is because exercising on a full stomach of protein can slow you down, make you feel nauseous and it can disrupt healthy digestion.

It is therefore advisable to take your pretein after your workout rather than before, for practical reasons.