Why Lindsey Vonn Is A Historical Athlete

    Image by @lindseyvonn / Instagram

    Lindsey Vonn, the 33-year-old Olympic skier from Minnesota, has been hitting the slopes for nearly her entire life. She made her debut at the World Cup in 2000 at the age of 16. Since then, she has won three Olympic gold medals, has collected over 20 world cup titles and over 80 race wins in total.

    A Natural Talent

    In the sport of skiing, it takes a special kind of talent, combined with a level of commitment and competitive drive that most could never imagine. That’s because in these races, it comes down to milliseconds and precise angles. In one race, Vonn beat Italian skier, Sofia Goggia, by just two-hundredths of a second, and in most races, she reaches up to 80 miles per hour, leaving no room for error.

    But it wasn’t all easy for Vonn, who has faced multiple serious injuries that would cause anyone to hesitate about getting back up on the horse. She’s suffered concussions, torn ligaments, fractures, broken bones and even serious abraisons to her face. In one race, she fell and somersaulted down the slope screaming as she passed spectators.

    Over time, she has developed a relentless determination to be the best, which has led her to be one of the top athletes in the world and one of the strongest female skiers in history.

    Making A Name For Herself

    Vonn is only one of six women who have come in first place in all six slope styles in the World Cup including downhill, giant slalom, slalom, super combine and super-G. Now, she’s asking the Federation Internationale de Ski to allow her to race in the men’s downhill competition. After being initially turned down, Vonn is recruiting male skiers to back her up in her request.

    With her unparralled skills, fearlessness and persistence, Vonn is easily one of the most impressive athletes out there, male or female.