Why Saunas Should Be Part of Your Health Routine

Sauna benefits
Photo by HUUM on Unsplash

Sweating is an incredibly important part of our bodies’ natural detoxification process and it’s beneficial to our health to sweat daily. If you’re able to break a sweat through working out, you’re off to a great start, but sometimes it’s necessary to have a little help. Saunas are small, wooden rooms heated to temperatures between 150 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit that are designed to help your body break a sweat in a safe way. Just be sure to check with your healthcare provider if you have any health conditions.

Improves Circulation

The warm temperatures used in saunas cause our blood vessels to dilate, increasing circulation. This can help reduce muscle soreness and joint pain as well as promote feelings of relaxation.

Clears Your Skin

When the air around your body is warm, its goal is to try to stay cool, and one of the ways it does this is by opening your pores. When your pores are open and you start to sweat, toxins are released, which can help keep your skin clean and clear. 

Promotes Wellbeing

The slight stress from exposing your body to such warm temperatures leads to the release of endorphins. This also happens when you exercise. Endorphins are a type of “feel-good” chemical that can create feelings of happiness and reduce pain.