Why You Should be Incorporating Face Yoga Into Your Fitness Routine

Face yoga
Photo by Motoki Tonn on Unsplash

You work out with yoga to care for your body, so why not show the same love to your face? Face Yoga has become a popular practice to tone and lift both skin and facial muscles so that you can always look your best. Improve circulation and skin elasticity and stimulate your lymphatic system by beginning your day with these energizing techniques.

Puff Your Cheeks

Just like we did as kids! This exercise will strengthen the muscles in your cheeks to help keep you smiling. From a seated or standing position, take a deep breath in and close your mouth as you exhale, filling your cheeks up with air. Hold for five to ten seconds (don’t strain, exhale sooner if you feel lightheaded) and release. Repeat up to five times.

Tap Your Face

This exercise will stimulate blood flow to your face to keep your complexion clear and your cheeks rosy. Be sure to wash your hands before beginning. Using your fingertips, gently and rhythmically tap all around your face from forehead to chin. Continue for about a minute, ending with a few deep breaths.

Drain Your Sinuses

This is a great technique for anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies, though it may make you sneeze a bit more at first. It’s best if practiced with a little bit of moisturizer or facial oil applied to the tips of your ring fingers. Gently bring your ring fingertips to the sides of your nostrils. With light pressure, move your fingers upward in a circular motion along the nose toward your tear ducts. Repeat five to ten times.