Yoga Apps for When You Don’t Feel Like Leaving the House

Photo by Lutchenca Medeiros on Unsplash

As the days get shorter and winter fast approaches, many of us are finding it more and more of a struggle to leave the house when we don’t have to. After returning home after a long day at work, who among us can honestly say that we want to go out again in the dark just to take a yoga class? We certainly can’t, which is why we’ve started looking for ways to get our workouts in at home. One of our favorite things to do is yoga and we’ve discovered a few apps that have made it incredibly easy to maintain our yoga practice and get a session in at home. If this sounds like you, check them out.

Down Dog

Down Dog offers classes in several styles of yoga at a variety of levels, making it a great option for anyone who likes to mix things up within their practice. Subscriptions cost $9.99 a month, though students and teachers can receive free access with an .edu email address.


At $23.99 a month, Glo is a bit on the pricier side, though with a library of over 4,000 classes, users can definitely get their money’s worth. In addition to yoga, this app also includes Pilates and meditation classes as well as video lectures on health and even yogic philosophy.

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners is the best app we’ve discovered where all of the content is 100% free. It’s easy to use, includes high-quality illustrations of each pose, and even features a 30-day workout plan option for beginners.