Yoga Workouts For Digestion That You Can Do At Home

Screenshot via YouTube/Yoga With Adriene

Gut health is more important than people usually realize because it supports our immune system, among many other things. Yoga is very relaxing and can be very helpful for improving gut health, so here are a few great yoga workouts for digestion from YouTube that you can do at home.

Detox & Digestion Flow

This 20-minute routine by Boho Beautiful Yoga was designed to improve our digestive system but also to stretch our entire body. These yoga poses will help you relax and recharge your batteries in no time.

Yoga For Digestion By Adriene

Yoga With Adriene is the most popular YouTube channel for yoga, and this is just one of their yoga routines for improving digestion. The goal of this 13-minute yoga routine is to help you feel better after overeating because we all need that sometimes.

Yoga for Bloating And Digestion

Sarah Beth Yoga is another great yoga YouTube channel with excellent yoga routines that are suitable for everyone. They also have this gentle yoga routine that can be helpful when you’re feeling bloated.

Beginner Yoga For Digestion

This quick routine is great for fighting gut issues such as bloating or constipation, and it’s also very relaxing and suitable for beginners.