You Can Wash Your Sneakers in the Washing Machine

Our expectations from sneakers have been growing a lot over the years. Not only should they be comfortable for long walks or exercise, but they are now also required to look great and pair with most of our outfits, as sneakers pretty much replaced all other shoe options for daily wear. The more you wear them, the faster they get dirty and it’s important to know how to properly clean them so they can last you a long time.

Admittedly, washing your sneakers by hand can prolong their life, but if you don’t have the time to carefully scrub them, a washing machine can be the solution you’re looking for. Here’s how to machine wash your sneakers in the right way so they don’t get destroyed after a cycle or two.

Remove Dirt

It’s important to remove any accumulated dirt such as stuff that gathers on the bottom of your shoes. This will prevent the dirt from staining your sneakers during the wash.

Remove Laces

It’s important to remove the laces and inserts (if applicable) before you start the washing cycle.

Laundry Bag

Use a mesh laundry bag to secure the sneakers and their parts you removed and wash them together with some clothes on a delicate cycle using cold water. If you wash them alone, they will bang around a lot and can get damaged.