Your 3 best Pre-Run stretches

Photo by Bradley Wentzel on Unsplash

If you are persistent you will get it, if you are consistent you will keep it…

There are ample of advantages related to a warm up before heading out on a vigorous run. In contrast, ignoring your warm-up makes you more susceptible to pull a muscle or tear a tendon.

This post will help you learn 3 best warm-up stretches you can indulge in before going out for your next run!

Start with a brisk walk

Walking helps warm up your muscles before the real deal. Starting with a brisk walk will get you into the ease of motion while firing up your body system

Stepping lunge

For stepping lunge, you have to stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and then bend the left knee while lunging ahead on your right knee. Stretch as far as you feel comfortable and then repeat with right leg backward.

Leg Flexor stretch

This method includes stretching your left leg at 90-degree angle while standing parallel with your left arm forward. Try to extend your calf to create a straight leg.

These warm-ups will help you achieve the best out of your fitness every time you head out for running.