Your Race is Canceled…So, Now What?

Hearing that the race you’ve been training for all year has been canceled can be devastating. Not only does it mess with your training schedule, but it makes it hard to motivate yourself to continue running. But, the good news is, there will be more races in the future. Here’s why you should continue running and what you can do now.

Keep Training

Your race is canceled, but that’s not an excuse to be lazy and stop training. Running can help you deal with anxiety and depression during these times. If you’re used to training at the gym, try home-workouts or walking outside. It’s important to stay active.

Reconnect With “Why?”

Think about why you decided to sign up for the race—did you do it to be healthier, spend time running with friends, or try something new? Make a list of all the positive things you’ve achieved from running so far.

DIY Race

The race may be canceled, but you can still make your own mini-race in your neighborhood. Just plan a route and set a time and date.

There Will Be Other Races

In the grand scheme of things, skipping one race is a small price to pay for maintaining public health and safety. It’s normal to feel disappointed, but there will be other races.

Practice Gratitude

Be thankful that your body was able to run and that while training you became fit and stronger. No medal can give you that achievement.