3 Abs Exercises For Beginners

Photo by Sergio Pedemonte on Unsplash

It’s true that fall is here, which means we’re probably not going to be showing off the mid-section of our bodies on the beach anytime soon. But that really doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t keep working on it! Or, in case you’re a beginner, simply start to.

Here are three must-know abs exercises to combine into your workout routine. They’re great if you’re just starting to strengthen your abs for the first time, but experienced trainers can also use them to do some regular maintenance work.


No abs exercise list is complete without mentioning this (in)famous core exercise, which consist of lifting up from the forearms and keeping your body straight for a set period of time. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, you’ll hate it at first. But you’ll end up loving yourselves for doing it anyway once you start seeing results.

Dead Bug

Abs exercises are known for their funny names, so, yep, this one is called the dead bug. Yes, it sounds rather unattractive; but it works! This exercise consists of lying flat on your back while raising your arms straight up and raising your legs so your knees are over your hips. Then, you start lowering and straightening your right and left limbs alternately. Just check out this video and you’ll figure it out.

Bird Dog

And the winner in today’s “abs exercises with funny names” competition is… the bird dog! It’s actually a pretty common one, so odds are you’ve probably done it before without knowing what it’s called. All you have to do is get on all fours and alternately raise opposite arms and legs. Here’s an explanation of just how.