3 Activewear Brands That Fit Into Any Budget

Although there are many brands that make gorgeous fitness clothes that we’d all love to own, sometimes you need to be realistic about your budget and go for more affordable options. But more affordable doesn’t have to mean bad!‌ Here are three of our favorite activewear brands that will fit into any budget.

Forever 21 Active

If you’ve never really paid attention to Forever 21’s activewear line, perhaps you should. Though the quality isn’t the best, you really can’t beat the prices, and this has some advantages. Their designs are cute and you don’t have to feel bad about replacing them in a few months if you’re currently losing weight, for example.


Kiava is a family business that’s starting to dominate the leggings category. Seriously, if you need a new pair of leggings, look no further. We browsed their site and found some really cute items that don’t break the bank.



H&M offers a trendy activewear collection that always comes in stylish colors and patterns. The garments they offer are incredibly functional given the prices, and you should at least try them out once. We’re sure you’ll be coming back for more.