3 Basic Plank Variations You Should Master ASAP

Plank is one of the essential core exercises every beginner should master, and there are so many variations out there that it’s practically impossible to get them wrong. Here’s three most common versions you should try if you still aren’t 100% familiar with this exercise.

Forearm Plank

This one is considered to be a standard plank by most people, and it requires you to use your forearms for support. Your hands and elbows are the only parts of your body allowed to be on the floor while you’re holding the position.

Bent Knees Plank

Struggling with forearm plank? Not a problem! You can make this exercise even easier by using your knees for support, and build your way to a forearm plank.

Side Plank

Once you’ve mastered a forearm plank, it’s time to mix things up and challenge new areas of your body with side planks. This exercise is a little bit more complex, since you’re using one of your arms to hold your entire body weight, but you can give it some rest while doing this exercise again with your other arm.