3 Breakfast Ideas for When You’re Too Busy

No matter how busy you are, you don’t want to skip breakfast! A healthy breakfast will give you plenty of energy for everything you have going that day and keep you satisfied for a long time so you won’t have to reach for sugary snacks. Here are 3 ideas for a healthy breakfast for when you don’t have much time in the morning.

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Who else is enjoying the beery season?! I just can’t get enough.. Still stuffing myself with strawberries and raspberries and now blueberries and cherries have arrived😱😂 Which are your favorites? Also always in the mood for chia puddings… here’s the recipe😉 Basic Chia Pudding Yields 1 2 tbsp chia seeds 1/2 cup oat milk Mix – keep stirring for about a minute, till it starts thickening – leave to soak at least 30 minutes Add 1 cup yoghurt of choice Sprinkle with some coconut sugar and add fresh fruits. Over here…we’re melting🥵💦 I spent the day inside🙈, working – baking and shooting. AC – going crazy to stop the subjects of the shoot from melting.. I wanted to tell you about something that happened that I found out about yesterday. My dear friend and incredibly talented Silvia @silviabifaro has been hacked, all her posts have been deleted and the account name changed to smth gibberish😔😓 So if you follow Silvia Salvialimone, don’t unfollow that account thinking that it is a bot, she will get it back🙌🏻 She us now temporarily at @silviabifaro and it would mean so much if you’d visit and show support there😊♥️ Much love to you all♥️ Thank you for being here.. . Kone je još vruće🙈🥵💦 a rekla sam da neću kukati..pa neću😆 Kuharica Moja sretna hrana je sad i na web shopu @planetopijahr za sve vas koji nisu u Zagrebu🙌🏻 Stavit ću link u storyjima. Hvala vam puno svima koji ste se interesirali ali i već kupili moj prvijenac♥️ A na slikici je moj današnji doručak.. tko još voli chia pudding? Btw.davim se u svim mogućim bobicama. A danas su na repertoaru bile: jagode, maline i borovnice. Kupila sam i trešnje😁 na njih ću navaliti sutra🙌🏻 A evo da ponovim recept za osnovni chia puding: 2 žlice chia sjemenki 1/2 šalice zobenog mlijeka Pomiješajte, i Nastavite miješati par minuta dok se počne zgušnjavati. Ostavite bar pola sata da se namače. Onda umiješajte šalicu jogurta po izboru i dodajte malo kokosovog šećera i svježe voće. Šaljem puse, Maja #chiaseeds #chiapudding #chiapuddingrecipe #veganbreakfast #healthybreakfast #proteinrich #proteinrichfoods #plantbasedfood #plantbasedfoodie #healthyfood #healthyfoodie #strawberries #raspberries

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Chia Pudding

The best thing about chia pudding is that you can make it the night before. All you need is a cup of non-dairy milk, 1/3 cup of chia seeds, and a sweetener of your choice. Soak the chia seeds in milk the night before, add the sweetener, stir and live in the fridge overnight. Your breakfast will be waiting for you in the morning!

Berry Smoothie

Why buy a smoothie on your way to work when you can make your own in seconds? Start with some plant-based milk and a banana, then add some leafy greens, your favorite seeds, and don’t forget berries for color, flavor, and antioxidants!

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Sensational Superfood Smoothie🍹: Maqui Berry Delight💜 . Summer🌞always spikes my craving for fresh, refreshing, fruity drinks. This year is no different! . The great thing about smoothies is that they are easy to make and fun for experiments💁🏻‍♀️. That is why I am always on a lookout for new superfoods for my creative concoctions. . My recent quest brought me face to face with the maqui (MAH-KEE) berry. . Often overshadowed by its Brazilian 🇧🇷 cousin, the acai berry, this South American superfruit 💓is a flavorsome addition for your fruit basket. . The only difference is that maqui berry contains an extra dose of nutrients. It also has a pretty purple shade💜, that comes from a bioactive compound called anthocyanins. . Why do I love it? . This nutrient-rich berry is bursting with the goodness of: • Anti-aging antioxidants • Revitalizing flavonoids • Minerals and good fats • Natural Vitamin C . Its unique makeup makes it a natural immune booster, energy-inducer, and healthy companion. One glass will keep you healthy, fit, and active💪🏼. . What’s inside my super smoothie? My lip-smacking drink balances the tartness of three bountiful berries with the sweetness of bananas 🍌. Slipping in the bananas makes the smoothie creamier too. . The best part is that you can whip up this healthy drink in three steps. Here is what you need: Ingredients 1. 1/2 cup blueberry 2. 1/2 cup blackberry 3. 1 frozen banana 4. 1 tbsp maqui powder 5. 1 tsp cacao powder 6. 16oz almond milk Method: 1. Chuck all the ingredients in a blender. 2. Blend it at high speed. 3. Top it with chia seeds or flax seeds for extra energy. . Stir and sip! . If you aren’t a smoothie fan, you can slip this exotic fruit into your bliss bowls, oatmeal, puddings, and tarts too. The possibilities are endless and so are its health benefits. . 💌P.S: Stay tuned to meet another spectacular superfood soon! . #immunebooster #smoothie #superfood #superfoodsmoothie #maquiberry #berrysmoothie #feedyoursoul #feedfeed #joyfulhomecooking #powerdrink #thegoodfood #guthealth #healthyaging #onmytable #makesmewhole #foodbloggers #foodie #eeeeats #imsomartha #bestofvegan #foodartblog #hautecuisines

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Quick Healthy Pancakes

All you need is a banana and an egg. Mash the banana with a fork and mix with egg, then bake on a pan like you would the normal pancakes. You’ll have a healthy breakfast in minutes and you can top it with your favorite fruit, maple syrup, or whatever you want!